Electronic Devices / Industrial Systems

We provide a variety of products to meet the latest needs of the industrial world.

As a result of the development of electronics, requirements are becoming more sophisticated for semiconductors and electronic devices, and there is also an increasing need to shorten the development time. To meet such needs, we have continued to seek leading-edge technologies both at home and abroad, providing devices with the features of various manufacturers, including overseas semiconductor and electronic device manufacturers. We have responded flexibly to diversified needs through our wide-ranging network that covers not only the domestic market but markets in the U.S., China and Southeast Asia as well.

Electronic Devices

We aim to provide total solutions.

Market needs are changing at a dramatic pace, with daily advances in technological evolution. Against this dynamic setting, electronics technology trading companies must posses the integrated power consisting of skills such as information technology, logistical functions and development/design. Fulfilling the role of marketing frontline for prominent domestic and overseas manufacturers of semi-conductors and electronic components, Ryoden offers both the business structure and technology necessary to provide precise responses based on forecasts of trends in the development and technology of its customers.

It is our goal at Ryoden to excel as a business partner capable of realizing one-stop provision to our customers of the ultimate in precise consulting services and solutions.

Industrial Systems

We offer a wide diversity of products to meet customer needs on a global scale including materials, components, equipment and devices and consider it our mission to contribute to the industrial activities of our customers by provision of problem-free supply and optimum service.