FA Systems

FA Device Systems

We deliver value-packed proposals.

To provide our customers with the very best solutions ranging from FA controller products such as sequencers, indicators and motion controllers, drive products such as servo-motor inverters and IPM motors, power input/distribution devices such as high-efficiency transformers, breakers and magnetic switches to systems, Ryoden offers value-packed systems that incorporate cutting-edge technology and products manufactured mainly by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

Industrial Mechatronics

Devices that fulfil the functions of arms, fingers and brains!

NC devices, robots, and electric discharge/laser/electronic-beam processing machines form an indispensable element in the process of improvement of factory-line streamlining, energy conservation and product quality. To fulfil these broad range of needs, Ryoden offers cutting-edge, high-performance systems based on products manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and provides technical support and know-how backed by years of experience.

Apparel Manufacturing Machines

Production of human wear

Apparel manufacturing machines represent the longest-standing of the products handled by Ryoden. As the overall domestic distributor for industrial machines manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Ryoden has contributed to the apparel manufacturing industry in a wide range of areas from mass production of air bags for automobiles to small-lot high-product-diversity production, earning a reputation for reliability as an experienced advisor.