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Total Provision of ICT Environments at the Core of Your Business

We propose multi-vendor solutions incorporating products and systems optimized for your needs, from servers and related hardware to network devices. Our diverse, state-of-the-art ICT solutions range from security solutions, such as monitoring cameras and entry/exit management systems, to imaging and video solutions and RFID solutions.

Ryoden’s Strengths (1)
Ryoden combines leading-edge products and technologies to suit your business environment and needs, encompassing PCs, servers and other computer hardware as well as network devices and security products. We build a safe and highly flexible ICT environment for continuous support of your business.
Ryoden’s Strengths (2)
Ryoden boasts a diverse lineup of products and systems embracing monitoring cameras, entry/exit management systems, projectors, touch panels and more. We are constantly expanding the applications for imaging- and video-related systems, in areas such as security and video communications in public spaces, offices and commercial facilities.

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Introduction to Our Solutions

  • The FlaRevo series constantly tackles new challenges in business cameras.

    The FlaRevo series from Ryoden contributes to customers’ businesses through the application of business cameras. Focusing on Nx Witness, a leading-edge VMS, this series enables the combination of original Ryoden solutions with a wide range of network cameras.

    FlaRevo website

    The FlaRevo series constantly tackles new challenges in business cameras.
  • Simplifying Shipping/Receiving Records

    By recording the shipping and receiving of goods, these solutions facilitate confirmation of inventory status at each location.

    ATLAS-Things is a cloud service that uses automated recognition technologies such as RFID and QR to record the shipping and receiving of products. Rather than managing quantities as with previous shipping/receiving management services, ATLAS-Things uses automatic recognition to manage on the level of individual products. Because it is provided as a multi-tenant solution, ATLAS-Things can be deployed rapidly and at low cost. ATLAS-Things grasps the shipping and receiving of goods accurately and reliably, eliminating unnecessary inventory and preventing inventory loss. As it uses a cloud service specialized for observing shipping and receiving, ATLAS-Things is not restricted to the use of particular readers. Users can make use of a Web API provided by ATLAS-Things to develop their own monitoring clients. For example, users can develop clients that record in bulk shipping and receiving data read from RFID gates or record the shipping and receiving data of individual products captured by QR on a handheld terminal. ATLAS-Things is also standard-equipped with simple analytical features. Data export features are also provided as standard, so that users can continue to use the tools they prefer and are used to.

    ATLAS-Things website

    Simplifying Shipping/Receiving Records