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Toward a Society That Can Receive Healthcare
with Confidence amid Rapid Advances in Medical Technology,

In healthcare operations, Ryoden provides a wide palette of solutions, from image data management to operational support systems. These solutions enable healthcare facilities to deploy image-diagnostic medical devices that support diagnosis with 3D rendering and AI, in a stable and consistent manner. We also provide employee health management systems for general companies, supporting preventive medicine and the promotion of health management among enterprises.

Ryoden’s Strengths (1)
We support IT systems used in hospitals in numerous ways, from system design and development through sale and maintenance to rental and cloud-based service provision. Ryoden advances IT implementation in hospitals and assists them in minimizing the burden of initial costs.
Ryoden’s Strengths (2)
Ryoden supports the medical workplace from every angle. We enable healthcare providers to purchase products efficiently using e-commerce websites. Ryoden also provides valuable products such as the Haripon, a hypodermic-needle collection bin, and MySOSforME, a smartphone app useful in health management.


1. Existing Business

Supply Business

• E-commerce website in operation
• 600 medical-sales companies across Japan
• Expansion of safe and reliable product lines

SONY, Mitsubishi, CIVCO, others

Supply Business

Medical Devices and Facilities Business

• Computed tomography (CT) and other radiological medical equipment
• Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for radiological medical equipment
• Monitoring cameras, etc.

Philips, GE, Shimazu, Sansei, others

>Medical Devices and Facilities Business

IT Business

• PCs, servers, etc. for hospitals
• Hospital-internal networks
• Systems for various departments

MIND, Dell, HP, SERI, GHS, other

IT Business

2. New Solutions Business

New Solutions Business

Imaging Solutions

Hospital-internal Image Integration Systems

New Solutions Business

IT Solutions

Medical Information Systems

Advancement of IT implementation in hospitals, reduction of initial costs
Comprehensive support for hospital-internal IT systems, from design and development to sales, maintenance and rental

Total Package IT Rental Business

Ryoden offers rental of hospital IT environments using the cloud, including electronic medical-chart and other medical information systems.

• No hardware or software purchases necessary
• No system administration necessary
• Minimal network configuration
• No IT maintenance staff necessary
• No server room necessary

Medical Information Systems

Supply Solutions

E-commerce Websites

Expansion of Operations Using E-commerce Websites
1. Provision of information to 500 medica-sales companies across Japan
Provision of information to registered users
Online sales to registered users
Education for registered users (e-learning)
2. Streamlining of clerical tasks using e-commerce
3. Acceptance of documents brought to hospitals


Consumables can be purchased through RyodenMedicalOnline.

• Anti-infection measures (prevention of accidental injection)
• Reduction of disposal costs
• Dedicated for use with hypodermic needles


New Products for Safety and Peace of Mind

Haripon hypodermic needle collection bin

First in the Industry
Needle hub can be kept clean while the needle is removed.
Can be used for replacement of hypodermic needles.

• Anti-infection measures (prevention of accidental injection)
• Reduction of disposal costs
• Dedicated for use with hypodermic needles

A wide variety of other new products are also available.

New Products for Safety and Peace of Mind

New Products for Safety and Peace of Mind

Healthcare (Presymptomatic) Solutions

Forming Regional Partnerships Using MySOSforME

MySOSforME is a smartphone app that people can use to provide first aid to themselves and manage their own health.

Advantages to Hospitals
1. Improved service to patients (differentiation from competing hospitals)
2. BCP measures (support of patients when electronic medical records are unavailable)
3. Capture of health checkups at companies

Advantages to Patients
1. Use of medical-examination data (understanding of one’s own health information)
2. Peace of mind (understanding of diagnoses and treatments and trends in medical-examination results)

Healthcare (Presymptomatic) Solutions

Equipment Solutions

BCP Measures

• UPS for radiological medical-examination equipment
• UPS for medical-information systems
• Cloud backup systems for data on medical-information systems

Energy-saving Measures

• Energy creation
• Energy management
• Power generation
• LED illumination

Measures for Safety and Peace of Mind

• Security cameras
• Biometric systems
• IT security