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Ryoden provides the products and expertise customers need to achieve high-value-added FA systems.

Ryoden proposes high-value-added factory automation (FA) systems that provide customers with solutions for the production floor and improve QCD. We offer a lineup only an official Mitsubishi Electric dealer can provide, from FA controllers and various drive units to numerically controlled (NC) production equipment, robots and processing machines, to respond to customers’ wide range of production-site needs.

Ryoden’s Strengths (1)
Leveraging state-of-the-art FA devices, industrial mechatronics and technology primarily sourced from Mitsubishi Electric, Ryoden proposes optimal FA devices and solutions to solve customers’ production-line issues.
Ryoden’s Strengths (2)
Ryoden does more than simply supply products. Backed by a wealth of experience and expertise, we provide technical support to enhance production efficiency and quality, assuring meticulous support for customers’ FA worksites.

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Introduction to Our Solutions

  • Remces cloud-based, integrated monitoring system

    Ryoden Monitoring Systems are “Triple-Independent”

    1. Manufacturer-independent
      Sensors and controllers work together over an open network regardless of manufacturer. This feature enhances freedom of system design and supports use of existing devices, so customers can start with minimal investment.
    2. Location/terminal-independent
      Ryoden solutions use cloud servers, rendering dedicated servers unnecessary. Owing to the security of this arrangement when disaster strikes, a growing number of companies are adopting our solutions as part of their business continuity plan (BCP) measures. Remote monitoring and monitoring of remote locations are enabled. Monitoring can be performed on a PC, tablet or smartphone, among other devices.
    3. Design-independent
      Monitoring screens can be customized to make them intuitive and easy to understand. Statuses of monitored phenomena such as lighting, climate control and data can be displayed graphically on a 3D facility map.

    Watch an explanatory video (YouTube)

    Remces cloud-based, integrated monitoring system
  • Tackling the Challenges of Business Cameras: the FlaRevo Series

    The FlaRevo series contributes to customers’ businesses through the application of business cameras. Focusing on Nx Witness, a leading-edge video management system (VMS), this series enables the combination of original Ryoden solutions with a wide range of network cameras.

    FlaRevo website

    Tackling the Challenges of Business Cameras: the FlaRevo Series