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Supporting Safe and Comfortable Building Environments
in the Age of IoT

Ryoden supports safe and comfortable building environments in a host of ways. In addition to supplying a full range of elevators, escalators and other building equipment and devices, we propose total building management systems, from the latest security systems to remote monitoring systems. We construct building environments with focus on the age of IoT, now beginning in earnest.

Ryoden’s Strengths (1)
From machine management systems to security systems and always-on remote monitoring systems, Ryoden provides leading-edge management systems to secure safe and comfortable building environments for the age of IoT.
Ryoden’s Strengths (2)
Ryoden is proud to serve as the top dealer for elevators and escalators from Mitsubishi Electric, a leader in the field. The systems we supply include not only elevators and escalators but also three-dimensional mechanical parking systems.

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Introduction to Our Solutions

  • ZEB Solutions

    Ryoden boasts an extensive track record in supplying key equipment used in zero emission building (ZEB) construction, for facilities including offices, hotels, hospitals, retail outlets, schools, assembly halls and many more. Drawing on this experience, and on the resources of Mitsubishi Electric and other industry partners, Ryoden contributes to the widening adoption of ZEB.

    Contact us
    Building Management Group, Cooling & Heating Division
    Tel.: 03-5396-6378
    ZEB Planner Registration No.: ZEB2019P-00003-C

  • Results in Energy-saving Building Consulting

    Delivery location: Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
    Date of completion: March 2016
    Main application: Restaurants and offices
    Floor area: 1,472sq. m
    Equipment supplied: HVAC, ventilators, water heaters, LED lighting, elevators, escalators, solar power generating equipment, storage batteries

    Results in Energy-saving Building Consulting
  • BEMS, HEMS and FEMS Solutions

    Optimal control of wired and wireless technologies enables energy savings and cost reductions.

    To accumulate experience in promoting building energy management systems (BEMS), Ryoden established a showroom where systems could be tested and confirmed. Ryoden promotes the latest network technologies in a wide variety of fields.

    BEMS, HEMS and FEMS Solutions
  • BCP Solutions

    Ryoden assesses and analyzes the operations and characteristics of each customer to build robust systems that will perform even in emergencies.

    Among the best current practices (BCPs) on which Ryoden places particular focus are measures related to data centers. To tackle these challenges, we rely on our extensive experience and expertise in cooling systems and heat-reduction measures.

    BCP Solutions