Our Operations

  • FA Systems Business

    Our high-value-added FA systems solve problems on the production floor and improve QCD.

  • Cooling & Heating
    Systems Business

    Industrial heating and cooling systems from Ryoden support building climate control, clean-room operation and energy-saving performance.

  • Network Systems

    Ryoden’s multi-vendor solutions deliver optimal products and systems for network devices and other hardware.

  • Building Systems Business

    Comprehensive solutions for building management systems include the latest security, remote monitoring systems and more.

  • Electronics Business

    We offer solutions encompassing consulting on a wide range of issues, including semiconductors, devices and technological expertise.

  • Smart Agriculture

    Ryoden develops and installs highly efficient, next-generation plant factory systems.

  • Healthcare Business

    From image-data management in hospitals to operational support systems, we offer a wide range of solutions.

  • Quality Control

    We provide guidance and improvement to enable the manufacturing and quality control you desire, to achieve low-cost, stable production.